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every business person will know that the government of the united states for the first time in four years likes business and likes the jobs business can create. we have forgotten what a real recovery can look like. we forgot what americans can achieve. if we limit government rather than limiting the dreams of the american people. i will limit government. you can choose. the people of america can choose what kind of a nation we will have. they have all the information they need. this group has chosen. there are people who have not. i want them to then how they make this choice. they have the information they need. if the president were to be rewill elected he will not be able to work with congress. don't care what he says we have four years of record. he burned a lot of bridges ignoring congress, attacks congress, demonizes congress. they will not work together. we will face another debt ceiling limits. there will be a threat of a shut down or a default. that sends chills throughout the economy and costs jobs. the president cannot work with congress to get the job done. he said he wo
personnel or working with state and local governments do make sure that food and water and emergency generation is available for the communities that will be hardest hit. >> on the east coast of our nation a lot of people are enduring some very difficult times. our hearts and our prayers go to them as we think about how tough it will be. >>shepard: the president and governor romney have canceled events because of the storm. nasa shows hurricane sandy approaching the united states with tropical storm force winds extending almost 500 miles from the center. that is the biggest storm that ever hit the region since records have been kept. combined with high tide and a full noon and to other weather systems that the be part of this weather system and we are watching history in the making. this storm is going to come ashore sooner than we thought. it will come to sure more quickly than first forecast. with all of that if mind we have coverage with rick on the northern shore of new jersey and doug is in delaware, first, we will get to where we are and where it is going. and janice dean, what
to get the trains running. economic impact? obviously for the government this will be an impossible savings. for the unemployment, all the people in construction and design and renovation who have been without jobs for so long, millions if not billions of dollars are on way. if there is a silver lining people are about to be put to work in places like ocean city up and the coast of new jersey and into new york city and on to long island and new england and western pennsylvania and in chicago in the storm that is still on the move. a winter storm now and could dump 2' of snow. we could have record waves on lake michigan in chicago. >>shepard: on the jersey shore the hurricane made the devastating punch on the southern part of the jersey shore south of atlantic city. closer to philadelphia than new york if that helps. nothing as spared. they are back on the fields, now, and around the amusement park. there is standing water, still, in neighborhood after neighborhood, street after street, it looks as if in ocean city, nothing was spareed. roofs appear intact. you can see the roofs okay
of the areas that saw the worst of the storm and says the federal government is here for the victims and it is all hand's on deck. >> we know some people don't have phones, or access to the intent right new. we literally have hundreds of teams, now, walking through areas that have been affected, knocking on doors, finding people, making sure they know what kind of assistance they qualify for. >>shepard: the famous gambling mechanic action atlantic -- mecca, atlantic city, the force of the storm destroyed the boardwalk a major set back for a difficult that has been looking for a come back. our reporter is north of atlantic city, and it is a mess, right? >>reporter: it is. lines of cars a my long backed up trying to get into atlantic cities with the roads shot down. the bridges to the barrier island are shut down. let me show what you is going on here, down the roads and we have moved out of the way because there is lots of work going on with front-end loaders we picking up piles of sand and moving them to a deadend street. can you not just take the sand to the beach you have to go thr
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)